Sketcher’s Toms Shoes Rip-Off

I finally decided it was time for me to purchase a pair of Toms Shoes – they’re cute and trendy, comfortable, and support a great cause… what more could I ask for?


(photo credit *article below)

So in searching for them online I came across this very interesting Fast Company article about the Sketcher’s knock-off of Toms called BOBS.  I really couldn’t believe how closely Sketchers would bite off Toms’s idea, I mean they seem almost exactly the same. As the previous article stated, Toms hoped other companies would jump on their band wagon and create similar campaigns to help needy children, but I’m not so sure he meant “copy us directly in every way.”  I agree with this blog, which outlines that BOBS are made of lesser quality for almost the same price – original Toms are the way to go.


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