Beard Hats are a FAIL?! Really Cosmo?

So I was skimming through Cosmopolitan Magazine, and they have a page called “Fun Fearless… Fail!” — they basically pick categories such as “Acts of Kindness” or “Pricey Bras” (examples from this issue) and make a quick little comment about 3 current stories that apply to the categories + one is “Fun” one “Fearless” and one apparently they consider to be a “Fail”.  Well, in the “Facial Hair” category, they noted for Fun that:

“Movie news flash: Will Ferrell’s ’70s ‘stache returns in Anchorman 2 (out in December).  You stay classy, Ron!”

That’s great, I love Anchorman.  Then under Fearless:

“Obama adviser David Axelrod shaves off his 40-year-old mustache after Morning Joe helps raise $1 million for epilepsy.”

How nice, that’s a pretty cool story which I’d have otherwise most likely never heard of.  But then under Fail:

“Just… why? Canadian company Beardo makes a knitted beard hat for me — and babies?!”

Well, let me just tell you why, Cosmo.  First of all, it’s f***ing adorable on children, I mean honestly what’s cuter than when little kids play dress up?  Well now, they don’t just have to wear a tie, but they can have a beard like daddy too.

Furthermore, I, as a woman, have ordered one because I think it’s a fresh, funny, purposeful concept — which brings me to my final point: it’s also keeping faces warm.  I’d bet that the idea even stemmed from functionality; they were probably thinking of attaching some kind of flap to keep people’s faces warm when the brilliant idea of making it look like a beard dawned on them.

Needless to say, I love the Beardo hat+beard concept and I hope the trend sticks around for a long time.  You can buy one at where the model in his beard looks like Zach Galifianakis in The Hangover or check out Beardo’s website.

/// Beard Hat \\\ Original Beard Beanies from Beardo — Home.

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