This Year I’m Thankful for Technology and Honesty


Today is recycle day in my town and as I was going to my car to go to school I threw something in the bin at the curb.  I was just in time because the recycle truck came before I even turned on my ignition.  So once in my car, I checked my purse (as I always do because I usually forget something) and my phone wasn’t there.  I went back into my house, but the phone was nowhere to be found.  I looked in my car again, it wasn’t under my seat or anywhere.  Since it was on vibrate, I went on Find My iPhone to make the phone play a sound so I could find it.  Playing the sound in my house and car, still no iPhone.  Then, when I refreshed the Find My iPhone page, the phone moved!  Then it did again!  Baffled, I had thought it was definitely in my pocket when I left, and then I remembered the recycle guy picking something up–it clicked.  I tracked the recycle truck on my laptop, followed it several blocks, and parked my car blocking the truck’s path.  The 3rd worker I asked had it, and I was so happy I hugged the guy.

I couldn’t believe how lucky I am, so I have to thank Apple for their technology that allowed me to hunt down a garbage truck. Technology certainly is amazing and enables all sorts of things that people may have never dreamed of (including saving me $300 or more for buying a new phone right before the holidays) and the world is an incredible place because of it.

But more importantly I have to thank the recycling man–he could have easily said, “I don’t know what you’re talking about lady, sorry” and made off with a new phone or sold it for a few hundred bucks.  He didn’t though, he gave it back to me.  He was honest.  I don’t and will never know what his life is like, if he’s a “good person” or not, but his small act of returning the phone radically impacted the course of my day (and probably the course of some people’s Christmas presents).  I know it’s just a stupid phone and we depend on them way too much, but I would have gotten a new one today, I don’t know many people who’d go without one.  Most of us don’t stop to think of the impacts of our actions on others, but not getting my phone back would have had a pretty big butterfly effect in my life.  With all the greed, negativity, and hatred in the world, it’s comforting to know that people are still kind.  I am thankful for that.

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