Too Much Sugar!

We’re right in the thick of the holiday season–the first binge-eating holiday has passed, and we’re plummeted right into the most wonderful retail-rushing, Starbucks-grabbing, family-visiting, cookie-baking, holiday-partying, cocktail-downing time of the year.  I always have a killer sweet-tooth, but with all this holiday madness whirling around me (and it’s sweater season anyway, you can’t see my belly) it becomes super hard to resist.

Since I’ve been working extra-hard to prioritize my health lately, I did some reading on sugar.  It started with an Eat This, Not That! article about hidden sugars and ways to cut them back, but then I kept going.


You can find a breakdown of alternative sweeteners on this page from MayoClinic–but I’m shocked to see that artificial sweeteners are considered relatively safe.  I generally don’t feel well after consuming Stevia, so I will continue to avoid it.  I also have some food allergies, so that might just be my body rejecting it.

Sugar, in whatever form, is something that plays a big role in the holiday season for me, but this year I’m going to try much harder to be aware of what I consume and stick to my 45 grams of sweetener per day.

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