At Home Workouts

woman wearing white sleeveless top
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I’ve recently joked “people are going to come out of quarantine either gaining or losing 20 lbs” and from what friends and family are sharing with me so far, I think I’m on the money with that more than I initially thought.  While some people are taking this time as a snack-filled staycation, others are using their extra time for exercise and meal prep.  If you’re going the fitness route, Healthline put out a list of 30 At-Home Workouts that are separated into levels and there are many similar lists on Facebook and Pinterest.  If you’re among those stepping up your fitness game, also check out Getting Into Fitness: 10 Tips.   Also check out these 5 Ways to Create a Healthy and Productive Environment.  Taking care of your body won’t just make you strong and fit, but exercise is a great way to de-stress and cope with the mental effects of COVID-19 too.

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