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sushibazookaDon’t hate me, but when I saw this awesome post from Eat This, Not That!  I had to share it.  Check out 25 Weird Kitchen Essentials You Never Knew You Needed.  My Amazon cart was full after that one!



I was just playing my nightly live game show, HQ (which you should totally check out–and use my share code “nikkiebutt” when you download it so I get an extra life 😉 ), and one of the questions was about the origin of the world “malapropisms”.  I couldn’t quite remember the high school English lesson when I must have learned about them, so I Googled it (after losing the game, btw).  A malapropism is

the usually unintentionally humorous misuse or distortion of a word or phrase; especially the use of a word sounding somewhat like the one intended but ludicrously wrong in the context

and some of them drive me absolutely crazy when people say them is day-to-day speech.  I may not have remembered the meaning of malapropism off the top of my head, but I’m very familiar with people saying things like “could of” instead of “could have” or “for all intensive purposes”; those things are like nails on a chalkboard to me.  Don’t get me wrong, I don’t always speak super-correctly, but I try my best to avoid blunders when possible.  If you’re like me and are interested in improving your communication skills, you should read Grammarly’s 8 Embarrassing (Yet Common) Malapropisms and’s Are you saying that right?.

Foods Can Exacerbate Allergies??

Lately I’ve been getting so much great info from Eat This, Not That.  I had no idea that some foods were making my already terrible seasonal allergies even worse.  Check out the article here.

Interesting Language Stats

hello lanuages

I found this great info-graphic on world languages that I thought I’d share from Stephen Liddell’s Blog.

Photo credit: Australian Business Traveller

Help Eliminate Food Waste

Here’s a really awesome infographic on America’s food waste problem.  Knowledge is power, now you’re armed to fight it. 🙂

Tackling Food Waste Crisis

I found that on UpWorthy, check it out here.

Post-Christmas Purge

I came across this article and it’s a pretty good idea.

Post-Christmas Purge – i Dream of Clean.

Beard Hats are a FAIL?! Really Cosmo?

So I was skimming through Cosmopolitan Magazine, and they have a page called “Fun Fearless… Fail!” — they basically pick categories such as “Acts of Kindness” or “Pricey Bras” (examples from this issue) and make a quick little comment about 3 current stories that apply to the categories + one is “Fun” one “Fearless” and one apparently they consider to be a “Fail”.  Well, in the “Facial Hair” category, they noted for Fun that:

“Movie news flash: Will Ferrell’s ’70s ‘stache returns in Anchorman 2 (out in December).  You stay classy, Ron!”

That’s great, I love Anchorman.  Then under Fearless:

“Obama adviser David Axelrod shaves off his 40-year-old mustache after Morning Joe helps raise $1 million for epilepsy.”

How nice, that’s a pretty cool story which I’d have otherwise most likely never heard of.  But then under Fail:

“Just… why? Canadian company Beardo makes a knitted beard hat for me — and babies?!”

Well, let me just tell you why, Cosmo.  First of all, it’s f***ing adorable on children, I mean honestly what’s cuter than when little kids play dress up?  Well now, they don’t just have to wear a tie, but they can have a beard like daddy too.

Furthermore, I, as a woman, have ordered one because I think it’s a fresh, funny, purposeful concept — which brings me to my final point: it’s also keeping faces warm.  I’d bet that the idea even stemmed from functionality; they were probably thinking of attaching some kind of flap to keep people’s faces warm when the brilliant idea of making it look like a beard dawned on them.

Needless to say, I love the Beardo hat+beard concept and I hope the trend sticks around for a long time.  You can buy one at where the model in his beard looks like Zach Galifianakis in The Hangover or check out Beardo’s website.

/// Beard Hat \\\ Original Beard Beanies from Beardo — Home.

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