I was just playing my nightly live game show, HQ (which you should totally check out–and use my share code “nikkiebutt” when you download it so I get an extra life ūüėČ ), and one of the questions was about the origin of the world “malapropisms”.¬† I couldn’t quite remember the high school English lesson when I must have learned about them, so I Googled it (after losing the game, btw).¬† A malapropism is

the usually unintentionally humorous misuse or distortion of a word or phrase; especially : the use of a word sounding somewhat like the one intended but ludicrously wrong in the context

and some of them drive me absolutely crazy when people say them is day-to-day speech.¬† I may not have remembered the meaning of malapropism off the top of my head, but I’m very familiar with people saying things like “could of” instead of “could have” or “for all intensive purposes”; those things are like nails on a chalkboard to me.¬† Don’t get me wrong, I don’t always speak super-correctly, but I try my best to avoid blunders when possible.¬† If you’re like me and are interested in improving your communication skills, you should read Grammarly’s 8 Embarrassing (Yet Common) Malapropisms and’s Are you saying that right?.


Foods Can Exacerbate Allergies??

Lately I’ve been getting so much great info from Eat This, Not That.¬† I had no idea that some foods were making my already terrible seasonal allergies even worse.¬† Check out the article here.

Interesting Language Stats

hello lanuages

I found this great info-graphic on world languages that I thought I’d share from Stephen Liddell’s Blog.

Photo credit: Australian Business Traveller

Ways to Make Extra Cash


Now that school is winding down and I’m about to have an expensive Master’s degree with¬†no job in sight, I decided to be proactive instead of worrying myself to death. ¬†After scouring the internet, I found some extra ways to make money. ¬†I can’t say they’re all appealing, but if your situation is desperate enough, give ’em a shot.

Here are some of the top *realistic* (for most people) ideas I found:

  1. Dog walking/pet sitting
  2. Babysitting
  3. House cleaning or handiwork
  4. Participating in medical/research studies (I already do at Rutgers)
  5. Donating body parts (blood plasma, eggs or sperm, hair, etc.)
  6. Selling my stuff–(get ready for a garage sale guys! ¬†…or eBay, Craigslist, Poshmark, etc.)
  7. Freelance work (oh, wait, my skill set doesn’t really work like that)
  8. Work special events (sounds interesting: read what they said here)
  9. Renting out a room (I already do that, too)
  10. Blog or make websites (sooo… where’s my money from this?)

Some things I found were pretty shocking and some made me laugh. ¬†One of the pages I found was Xfinity Finance, which had a 24-item list, some were ridiculous, while others are worth considering. ¬† says “Go¬†Scavenging: 100,000 homeless can’t be wrong!” ¬†Ha! ¬†That’s terrible, but I don’t know if it’s worse than them suggesting you “Head to a Casino” for extra cash. ¬† had some oddly-career-specific suggestions, like Teleradiology or teaching a college class–really? ¬†Let me just start that tomorrow for some extra pocket cash. ¬†Several sources also suggesting wrapping your car with ads–do people really want to do something like that?

This search has been both¬†intriguing¬†and depressing, but I think I’ll get back to sending out r√©sum√©s now.

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