Amazing! Must Read: Stop Saying “I Have A Boyfriend” — Eberhardt Smith

I can’t believe how simply and eloquently this is put, but for so many women it’s an unconsidered game-changer.  Whether you’re married, single, gay, straight, or anything else, give this a read and pass it on to all the females you love:

Stop Saying “I Have A Boyfriend” — Eberhardt Smith.



Help Eliminate Food Waste

Here’s a really awesome infographic on America’s food waste problem.  Knowledge is power, now you’re armed to fight it. 🙂

Tackling Food Waste Crisis

I found that on UpWorthy, check it out here.

Great Resources for Quitting Smoking

Happy 2014 everyone!  Like so many of us, I have some pretty cliché New Years Resolutions this year–but that doesn’t mean I’m not going to make them happen.  At the top of my list (and most other people’s) is quitting smoking.


One thing I’ve found comforting and helpful during this process is that I’ve quit before.  There’s some very high average of times that it takes a person to quit for good because many people don’t stay quit after the first try.  A little over a year ago I quit cold turkey and stayed quit for 9 months–I know that I have my own dumb reasons (*cough*excuses) for starting up again, but the first time was so much scarier because everyone always talks about how hard it is to quit; that terrified me.  This time, I’m armed with the knowledge that I’ll have a few days of mild to moderate discomfort and then be back on my merry way.  It’s not actually that bad.  And I’m not some casual or light smoker saying this, I smoked for 11 years, some times up to 2 packs/day.  So if I can do it, so can you (or your mom or boyfriend or cousin, or whomever you’re supporting in this–anyone can do it!)

Other helpful tidbits:

  • Clean your house, car, etc. Get the lighters and ashtrays and smell out of there so you don’t think about it (as much)
  • Avoid people, places, and things that trigger you, or make you want to smoke the most.  Don’t go to the bar the first week or 2 of quitting (if that’s a major issue, maybe cigarettes aren’t your only addiction, seek help), don’t hang around your smoker friends for a little while (just stay home and read or get something accomplished), do things that you couldn’t smoke while doing anyway (like going to a movie theater)
  • Exercise will make you not want to smoke and you’ll feel even better about yourself
  • Food is a tricky reward for some people (like me); not only will I want to eat everything all the time, but then I’ll feel guilty and sad about gaining weight and slacking on my overall goal of getting healthy, and plus I’ll be so full that I’ll want to smoke more after ’cause I’m stuffed.  Food might work as a reward for you if you can keep it in moderation, but if not just stick to chewing gum or pen caps or straws.
  • Vacation – the first time I quit, I was on a trip to my aunt’s house where my boyfriend and I were the only smokers.  It seemed wrong to intrude on her nice, healthy lifestyle with our routine smoke breaks, and she lived in such a lovely area it even felt wrong to throw our butts out.  Not only did we not fit in there, but it was easier to stop while being out of our daily grind.  The triggers and cues weren’t there, so it wasn’t that bad.  Obviously not everyone can get away for a few days, or find an affordable place to stay that’s so lovely and peaceful that smoking feels wrong, but if you can it works.
  • Water … just drink it, a lot of it
  • It gets easier and easier with time!

It’s been 4 days for me now, and I can’t say it’s easy, but I’ve had some help.  Supportive friends and family members can go a long way.  Additionally, I’ve searched the web looking for help.  Here are some great resources I’ve found online in my battle with cigarettes:

“Quit Smoking” Timeline — Maybe you’ve seen this or something like it in a different form, but I find it fascinating.  It’s a timeline of the health improvements that occur when you quit smoking.

Become An Ex — I really liked this website; it’s all about planning to quit and what to expect.  It also helps you target a quit date, identify triggers, and other great tools.  Well done.

SmokeFreeTXT — this text messaging service from (which is also helpful) was a pretty interesting idea to me, so I signed up.  They check in about how I’m doing and text me various times throughout the day with little inspirational messages, such as “Think about what you are gainign and why you want to leave cigarettes behind.  Stay focued – it will get easier.”  It might not be helpful to everyone, but I really like their little messages.  They send out a few throughout the day randomly (not annoyingly) and it makes me feel a little comforted.

I hope this was in someway helpful to your struggle with quitting smoking.  It’s a difficult time but it’s well worth the payout.  If you have any tips or resources, or a success story, feel free to share them below!

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Post-Christmas Purge

I came across this article and it’s a pretty good idea.

Post-Christmas Purge – i Dream of Clean.

Beard Hats are a FAIL?! Really Cosmo?

So I was skimming through Cosmopolitan Magazine, and they have a page called “Fun Fearless… Fail!” — they basically pick categories such as “Acts of Kindness” or “Pricey Bras” (examples from this issue) and make a quick little comment about 3 current stories that apply to the categories + one is “Fun” one “Fearless” and one apparently they consider to be a “Fail”.  Well, in the “Facial Hair” category, they noted for Fun that:

“Movie news flash: Will Ferrell’s ’70s ‘stache returns in Anchorman 2 (out in December).  You stay classy, Ron!”

That’s great, I love Anchorman.  Then under Fearless:

“Obama adviser David Axelrod shaves off his 40-year-old mustache after Morning Joe helps raise $1 million for epilepsy.”

How nice, that’s a pretty cool story which I’d have otherwise most likely never heard of.  But then under Fail:

“Just… why? Canadian company Beardo makes a knitted beard hat for me — and babies?!”

Well, let me just tell you why, Cosmo.  First of all, it’s f***ing adorable on children, I mean honestly what’s cuter than when little kids play dress up?  Well now, they don’t just have to wear a tie, but they can have a beard like daddy too.

Furthermore, I, as a woman, have ordered one because I think it’s a fresh, funny, purposeful concept — which brings me to my final point: it’s also keeping faces warm.  I’d bet that the idea even stemmed from functionality; they were probably thinking of attaching some kind of flap to keep people’s faces warm when the brilliant idea of making it look like a beard dawned on them.

Needless to say, I love the Beardo hat+beard concept and I hope the trend sticks around for a long time.  You can buy one at where the model in his beard looks like Zach Galifianakis in The Hangover or check out Beardo’s website.

/// Beard Hat \\\ Original Beard Beanies from Beardo — Home.

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International: The lottery of life | The Economist

I’m in the beginning stages of educating myself on the topic of economics, so here’s an article I found interesting:

International: The lottery of life | The Economist.

Resume Tips

It seems like just about every one has some advice to give on resume writing.  Some say objectives are outdated, others say they’re still necessary.  Some comment on what fonts to use, how to organize the layout, and the dos-and-don’ts of what to include.  Then some tidbits of information (like 86 the Interests/Hobbies section) can be found everywhere.

Here is my summation of the important things to do when looking for a new job (or, if you’re like me, applying to grad school):

  • Google yourself – that’s my favorite, because what good is saying that you graduated with honors and volunteer at an old folks home when they see the pictures of you on Facebook 1/2 naked and wasted or making a duck face in your bathroom? (Some people have no concept of what social media can do to a person’s reputation… Here’s a great example of how to really ruin your reputation on the internet, BTW).
  • Be concise!  Writing should typically be short, sweet, and to the point.  According to HigherNext “Brevity shows that you respect the hiring manager’s time” — I really dig that.  Besides, if you can’t make your resume clean and simple, what is your work going to look like?
  • Know Thy Audience: There’s a lot of talk about using “keywords”, or words and phrases that they’re specifically looking for.  Employers (and schools) already know what they want and what they’re all about, but do YOU know?  Show them you’re right for the position.

HigherNext also had a great “Don’t List” for Cover Letters in their short eBook, A Complete Guide on how to OPTIMIZE YOUR COLLEGE RESUME.  Don’t:

  • Blow it off
  • Recycle other cover letters
  • Repeat your resume
  • Waste Words
  • Make it about yourself

In there was “repetition gives the impression that you really have nothing compelling to say,” which is an excellent quote than can be applied throughout life.

I’m sure I could easily compile a list of the Top 100 Resume Writing Tips, but I’ll stop there for now.  Below is a great list of resume tips… Follow some, but also let yourself shine through.  There are rules to be followed and there are times to add a bit of your own personal touch.


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