10 Mental Health Tips for COVID 19

COVID 19 is impacting us all, and we’ve heard countless reminders of washing hands and participating in social distancing.  But one thing we haven’t heard very much about as ways to keep mentally healthy during the quarantine.  Below are some tips I’ve been sharing with my clients to help them stay calm and zen during…

Film Photography Basics

A friend of mine was recently given an old film camera by his mother who was cleaning out her attic.  When he showed it to me, I was instantly flooded with nostalgia from my childhood–my mom loves to take pictures and I still remember my fascination from the days long before “digital” meant anything related…

True Talent

Check out what I found on Facebook: Graffiti Kings

50 best photos from The Natural World

#2 on Time Magazine’s The Best Blogs of 2011 list, The Big Picture is truly an example of some of the finest photography out there… After a bit of surfing around, my favorite was 50 best photos from The Natural World – The Big Picture – Boston.com.