Get Running Now

I found this amazing article on running for weight loss–must read!



Becoming a Morning Person


Punctuality, particularly first thing in the morning, has never been my strongest suit.  I’m such a motivated person throughout the day, and that fire can stay strong well into the evening hours when I should be winding down; then getting up and running in the morning is hell.  I read this fantastic article from Foundr about some important tips for getting better sleep, which makes mornings a bit more bearable.  These are tools I’d teach to clients in therapy and they’re proven to help.

The gist is:

  • Make yourself a to-do list for tomorrow
  • Adjust your mindset and think differently about mornings
  • Don’t use your phone (tablet/computer/whatever else) before bed (you can read more about the harmful effects of the blue light they omit in this Harvard article)
  • Have a routine to help yourself turn down and cue your body for sleep

They also threw in some #neuroscience and a link for these awesome morning oat recipes!  So basically you must check out this fantastic article and get on track to have more productive and stress-free mornings.

photo credit: realsimple

Self Control and a Better YOU

As a follow-up to last Monday’s post about creating healthy habits, I’ve been reading more by the same author (Tony Schwartz) and found this article, The Skill that Matters Most.  I find it so fascinating that health ties into every aspect of life; I mean it makes perfect sense, after all we are always in our bodies, so it only makes sense that keeping the vessel a well-oiled machine is necessary for success.  But still, the power of a healthful routine cannot be underestimated.  Taking care of oneself keeps not just our minds and bodies sharp, but allows us to conquer all the obstacles that we encounter.